Revealing the Magical Mysterious Map that Encompasses David Blaine & Forrest Fenn Treasures!

The tale I am about to tell has no encrypted or coded secrets in the text and refers to the second treasure emblazoned in the Forrest Fenn Poem Puzzle, it only outlines the Puzzle my life has been until now and points to the coincidences that reveal mysterious connections. This text is not meant as a treasure hunt that I have devised, created or encourage participation in.

Other than showing the Blaze and describing the maze of dreams that put me on the GPS solve location on my map by coincidence, there is nothing coded here to help find any treasure or create a treasure hunt.  I also disclaim that I am just postulating about the second treasure, and in no way am I suggesting digging at spots on my maps. This is not my chase or puzzle and in my opinion continues posthumously by Forrest from his hints and double meanings. The ultimate 4D chess was being played by FF along with complete plausible deniability to him and any others concerned. I have info that is not on the maps and I have a very good hunch and would also state that if there is a second treasure it is buried. FF would say to people who tell him they found the treasure, “Was it Wet?” He was asking back to them, which one did you find? Wet being buried where the dry chest was above ground and found. Also why take 2 trips especially if the solve is at the GPS location? 2 Trips to hide makes more sense to 2 treasures!

The odds that there is a second treasure, special location or secret message in the poem are extremely good.  Ultimately, the tale I tell has everything to do with Forrest Fenn among the other enigmas explained in my story you are about to read, and perhaps both are interwoven somehow that protected FF and myself throughout our lives.  Kind of an unintended Paradox, or intended by a higher power possibly?  The content may sound crazy to most people as even I would have been skeptical, but some of us out there need no explanation, by fate or destiny I became one of the few who believe.

As a child I had vivid waking dreams, some dark and foreboding, many flying and floating and some that sounded like I was talking with Edgar Allen Poe if he was a drunkard.  I read that Edgar had physical problems with liquor, so maybe I was channeling him and didn’t know it as a teenager.  The words sounded poetic, but in a drunk rambling grumbling voice and I smile at how apropos that dream of Poe is now.  This was around the time I started reading his work. 

I had a dream when I was about 15, of 3 words that made no sense and that was the first time I woke and thought this must be how crazy people think and I laughed and just went about my day.  I should have named my first band after those words so that I would remember them for later, as I need them now. Although I am sure I have found another way.  I will never know if they could have been a hotspot as I wouldn’t have believed anyone could tell the future, and the 3 words wouldn’t even work back then as the service was not even created… They could have also just been 3 random words, funny how I found this site as I was looking for special maps searching for the Forrest Fenn treasure.  Reference 3 words to find any place on a map.

Sometimes I would read books in my dreams and then mispronounce difficult words only to then read the book while awake and say the word correct but notice the dream and deja vu.  I read that Edgar Cayce would do this also and I admired his gift, thinking mine had no purpose other than seeing something special that validates what Edgar Cayce did, ultimately propelling my fascination.

One of the most profound dreams happened when I was in my early 20’s back in the early 1990’s. I hear a voice as I was in-between waking and dream, it was like someone put a dunce cap on my head and was using it as a megaphone to talk to me. I heard 6 numbers. Wow Lotto Numbers!! I also hear my birthday a few days later but with a slight variation and I write the 6 numbers down and notice the year of my birth is not listed as numbers in lotto. Why are my numbers transposed in a strange way and why do I need to know my Birthday in this way? This becomes relevant later…

To witness a miracle was a life changing event, literally when it saves your life, but also presents a new amazing perception of the world. When I turned 18 I woke to my digital clock displaying 10:10 and one of my best friends barged in and said wake up you just turned 18 lets go play scratcher tickets.  So, I take $20 and go with him.  I was first in line and he pushed me back to go first and that flipped things in my favor.  I won $1000 on my $20 worth of tickets and shared it over the summer golfing with my friend as I felt that my friend gave me a great birthday present by pushing me back.  First and last time I would win anything significant from the lotto.  

I would also go fishing and hunting with this friend and one day we went out to shoot clay pigeons.  We had gone through a box of ammo and clay and I said hold up let me grab some more clay to throw for you.  I started walking in front of him and I hear a click behind my back.  I turned quickly to see him holding the shotgun up towards me.  I said wow good thing it wasn’t loaded.  He stood there stunned staring at me perplexed and I grabbed the gun from him and cracked the single chamber to see a shell with a dent in the primer.  I closed it up and aimed to the sky and pulled the trigger.  Boom!!! The shotgun shoots the shell!

This miracle saved me but also saved my friend from having to deal with repercussions of the accident, or perhaps this was some type of magic or just a scene from “Looper” long before that movie ever existed.  I never questioned him and remained his friend, perhaps some higher love saved me so why care who my enemies are or think into it or affect our relationship. This friend also took away a miracle later as I dream of lotto codes this time the night before.  I get the numbers correct, but he doesn’t drop me off at home driving right past the exit as I yell at him to turn around.  I even asked for the keys to his car at a casino he dragged me to, and he refused.  I thought at the time maybe these numbers will take years like the other numbers and just brush it off.  I see all the numbers hit the next day! I was distraught at first but then ecstatic… It is still a miracle, proving I can do this!  By me not winning I may find something even greater also, but I decide I better not tempt fate and stop being friends with him.  This does set the wheels in motion for something greater I hoped would happen later.

In 2003 I woke from a dream of a Gold Ball chasing me like Phantasm and Raiders of the Lost Ark combined.  Someone was knocking on my door and woke me during this dream.  It was another friend and right away he said, “Hey did you hear about the $100K Treasure Hunt the Magician David Blaine started?”.  I said no I am not really interested, I almost dismissed him, but he said, “DB hid a Gold Ball somewhere in the US!”.  Instantly enthralled, I said tell me more about this Gold Ball Hunt.  I joked that the Gold Ball was seeking me, so I hope it finds me.

I was also at a point in my life where a friend had just committed suicide, so I threw all caution to the wind.  I bought the book but only looked at the pictures.  I noticed one picture had Howard Hughes in a parade and the car had a Rock with an X on the Grill.  I thought hey it is in Rock Ville or maybe too easy and a distraction as there are too many Rockville’s. Then I realize it is on a Car Grill so ROCK CAR GRILL or Rockerville.  I didn’t know if there was such a place, but sure enough there is!   I also realized if I turn the picture it makes the grill look like South Dakota and North Dakota and the Rock is an X that is right where Rockerville is next to the Historic Mount Rushmore.  I hadn’t read the book other than short excerpts around the pictures and I decided to get up and go after I found Rockerville.

Howard Hughes pictured in The Mysterious Stranger Book

Rockerville is 13 Miles outside of Mount Rushmore.  I read some forums before I went and saw all the arm tattoo stuff and I saw someone post a reference to The Gold Bug and they said that we can use Maps from other books.  They wrote an acronym for The Gold Bug too, The Hermits Eternal Gift of Love Denial Brings Us God.  I was drawn to this by the interesting Acronym that related to Howard Hughes who became a recluse (RE:Clues) and in the Picture with the Car Grill, also the fact that I admired Poe.  I printed out the Map from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Gold Bug and took it with me to Mount Rushmore.  I thought it is a long-shot but why not, this is a magical quest.

As I arrive at Rushmore I get the feeling that the gold ball isn’t there, but magic is all around me. I had a dream of 111 the night before I went and one word in the darkness “HOME”.  I thought it meant stay home but nothing could stop me.  Also, 31 is the order of statehood for California, this must be a sign.  I read The Gold Bug treasure map and it states…

A good glass in the bishop’s hostel in the devil’s seat
forty-one degrees and thirteen minutes northeast and by north
main branch seventh limb east side
shoot from the left eye of the deaths-head
a bee line from the tree through the shot fifty feet out.

I walk up to the first Telescope at that I see at Mount Rushmore and put a quarter in.  Plink it spits the quarter out.  I try again and it drops right through the coin mechanism.  So, I go to the next telescope further out to my right. The quarter works on this one! I found a good glass laughing to myself.  I proceed to align the degrees of The Gold Bug treasure map.  At the base of the telescope there is a 360 degree protractor as if sighting work to be done on the mountain.   I turn to 41 Degrees and then I turn the Telescope on its swivel to look like 13 Minutes as if North is Noon and East is the direction of the swivel which tilts the glass back down into your eye better.

Finally set, I thought this is silly the telescope is pointing to the Avenue of Flags.  I think to myself, did I come all this way just to see a state flag?  The 111 dream already hints me to that state, but still I peered into the Telescope with excitement… Amazing!  X Marks the Spot!  I stepped back to have a great laugh!  I will never forget the vision of seeing the light gust of wind blowing through the flag of Alabama pinpointed in the telescope framed by a branch of a tree.

X Marks the Spot! AL backwards hints to LAX where the Gold Ball was found at Houdini Mansion

I then look to the sky and hear myself say Go West Young Man!  I relate to my 31 dream and think it must be in California and everyone is talking about the steps at the Houdini Mansion to climb.  I am 100% certain it is there so I think, let me go check out Rockerville and then go west!

On my way to Rockerville I am driving in 65 MPH Traffic and I see a Black Dog at the other side of the Road. I decide to try and help very quickly, I see no oncoming traffic at that moment, it is clear so I just hope the dog doesn’t run into traffic if I grab at it.  Instinctively I feel myself realize I am not getting out of the car, it is perfect timing where the dog and car door is and I reach back and open the door behind me and say, “Come On Puppa!!”  The dog runs up and jumps in the car like we are old friends!  I slam the door and accelerate as fast as I can trying to not cause an accident. 

I make my way to Rapid City and I go buy some hamburgers for the dog and then find a place to check for a microchip. The dog has a chip! Great! The Vet says his name is Magnum!  She asked where I found him.  I said I was at Rockerville on the main highway.  She said he was a very long way from home and how did he get all the way out there!  I asked that if the dog isn’t claimed I will come back and get him and gave my number.  I never made it to Rockerville as my flight was leaving soon.

On my flight home I start to read the book intensely.  There is a story in the book about a Rock with a Red X and a dog that fetches it in water so his master can win a bet. There are thousands of rocks that look the same that were thrown prior to the bet, so the odds were decent for the master.  I continue to thumb through the pages stopping on a picture of David Blaine as a kid with his dog.  DB’s dog is mirror image of Magnum!

As soon as I got home someone found the Gold Ball.  Could the 41 degrees have been pointing directly to the Houdini Mansion? I never plotted the alignment, still it was in that direction to the sunset in the west.  

To sum up in a funny way, Edgar Allen Poe is the father of the detective genre and I use his map and find a dog Magnum P.I. where the Rock with the Red X is in the book Mysterious Stranger by David Blaine.  I felt like I had won by witnessing mysteries, but little did I know there was more mystery to come.

I have many other dreams during this time, so many that they would fill volumes. One dream in darkness a telephone number appeared and had Four Ones at the end and then a 28.08 appeared, I didn’t have a clue what 28.08 refers to but it turns out to be an astounding coincidence later.  I called the Telephone number 315-247-1111 as a joke thinking it was David Blaine’s number in the box with the gold. Nobody answered. The fact that I called it helped me remember the number later.

These numbers are part of what I divined with Forrest Fenn’s treasure.  I started The Thrill of the Chase very late in Nov 24 2018, and I vaguely remember hearing about it when it started in 2010, but my dog was dying and I also had health issues so I never got involved.  That is another long story, just know I have had miracle healing through Chiropractic and Rolfing after 2 accidents, but the universe put me down and out for a reason, which affected my thoughts and mind since 1996. I see and perceive things differently due to consequences of the first accident that gave me double vision and 24/7 migraine headaches. There are so many more intricacies that pertain, but I will reveal the phenomenal portion relating to Forrest Fenn and DB now.

This next part is scattered over time but I hope you can follow along.

I have a dream of a Keno Board with Red Boxes and Gold Numbers around 2013 or so I can’t remember exactly.  It was a vivid magical dream and easy to remember due to the gold numbers making a big F and some other numbers twinkling as that was the blinker number that is drawn last.  I write them down and play them and think whoa this is a real long shot I could go broke for sure.  Just like my other lotto numbers I spent tens of thousands over the years and nothing ever came from them.  As I am thinking this I realize these Keno numbers key into my 2 sets of very similar lotto numbers that are very hard to hit. Both sets of numbers were drawing my attention on the Keno Board and when I found out about Forrest Fenn and the Thrill of the Chase I felt certain since there is an F that I need to apply this Keno Board dream to the treasure.

This is Half of the Keno Board with the F that deals with 678

Nothing I could do with the Keno Board makes any sense, but I do add numbers that point to Montana and a mountain called Ruby Range.  I have a waking vision for the first time ever, and I am in a place and happy walking a path I knew like the back of my hand and realized I had dreamed of before. Then I see the letters MTX.

Updated 1/23/21 The Keno Board is a Pirate Map! I can’t believe I finally figured it out! After all the last few years of trying to make it fit, the pieces fall into place on their own. Time is the only factor and synchronicity. The size I printed is critical and the other half is the key! I am the one entrusted with this revelation for some reason and ultimately a paradoxical connection that will affect me eternally by this chase, yet I want the world to also witness the miracle and I posted the map at the end of this story for everyone to see. I am almost 100% positive there are Bells buried at the map position secret numbers.

I searched FF’s video interviews and heard him say the Bells are buried “3, 3 and half feet” this relates to my Tree Tree Feet Feet dream I mention later, as a multiple reference! Now the amazingly funny part that flips me out… FF also says something about the Lost Dutchman mine in Mesa AZ. Well that is my Home! Although, the Lost Dutchman is in Apache Junction and the Superstitions, FF would know this. Amazing coincidence as I am the only lost Dutchman I know of in Mesa. I have lost my entire life 30 years ago, and the last great job I worked was in Apache Junction the day of my accident. The detrimental things of my life are instrumental to great things as I continued to persist and believe in a better future hoping to ultimately understand what these visions and coded puzzles truly mean.

I also found an anomaly on google maps when I was searching around Montana to pinpoint the numbers. The satellite scanned with a checkered pattern in the Swan Range and it drew my eye to it as I thought that would be a miracle if that was where the treasure was. There are no other big anomalies like this that I could find easily on Google Maps, which makes this keno board pattern a one of a kind and fits into the circle I drew at 10:10 perfectly. I am astounded by this miracle as it plays on the date numbers that the chase was started and 1010 is my favorite numbers on the digital clock when I won the $1000 scratch ticket.

There are more that pertains to dreams I get from my friend that died as he called me Nimrod which is funny because I wanted to dumb found the treasure and thought he was calling me stupid. But he was saying hello, Nimrod is the great hunter and he was helping me, his name is Ryan… Oh Ryan! The Star Belt Orion, use the stars as navigation.

I heard Ryan say the word Ogalala and I looked it up on Google as Chief Ogalala or Red Shirt.  He had a waking vision in West Minster Abby when he traveled to England, his tribe speaks of Washichu or Taker of the Fat. He was the chief pleading for peace due to his travels and seeing the mechanized world and its multitude of inhabitants.  Then Ryan says to me in a dream, YO Comin Out! This was an old joke. The farmer made his fortune in the field bet the farm play the field! Craps reference. I thought W-YO-ming? Ok MTX and stuff doesn’t fit but I am thinking Montana and the shadow X from FF hand and walking stick in MT. MT-X would also be MT Rushmore X alignment but I didn’t realize it back then. I got more confused but knew Washington was a Farmer and later realize Mount Rushmore alignment LAX at 41 degrees is correct to use.

This is when I realized what I would do with the treasure if I found it.  I would ask people to send their solves and I would pick my favorites and encode a treasure hunt for them that encrypts their name and location of a Gold Coin or part of the treasure so they can find it. I would hide it close to their home so they don’t have too far to walk.

I only wanted the gold frog as a memento and would have given the bracelet back to FF for free.

Updated! 3/21/21… I just watched the info that came out about a Friend of Forrest giving the location out. This location deals with Buffalo Bill Cody! Chief Ogalala Red Shirt traveled with Buffalo Bill and I missed this connection that Ryan was trying to point out. He said some other word I didn’t understand and it must have been Pahaska. This means I really wasn’t meant to find it due to not hearing Pahaska. Had I heard that I would have found it. The dream sounded like he was making up funny words as a joke and as a joke I went and googled Ogalala. No joke!

I had a dream of a woman lying face down on top of me on a bed and I was playing her as if she was a guitar. Her feet would be at 2 o’clock and arms at 7 and she was struggling to reach for the foot of the bed. Like a game of charades I have to figure out.  I never saw her face, but I will remember her spirit and she is critical to solving the final clue. I woke up and I realized I need a US map to start plotting a spot to pinpoint any ideas I have. I couldn’t find a small map and figured I need to zoom in on detail so bigger is better. I ordered 2 on accident, I also ordered a protractor and they sent it to an old address I forgot to remove on amazon so I had to buy another… ( all these doubles, 2 treasures? ).

I have a dream I am playing my old electric guitar and tuning a string, so I fix it up and spend $1000. I then notice my guitar has gold inlay on the name. Ibanez X Series! I notice there is also an X from the walking stick and hand shadow on FF’s published map, also looks like Forrest is playing guitar… I BE AN EZ X! I am gonna find this using string theory!  I then realize what the woman in the dream is trying to show me.

I bought this guitar back in 1985 and it has the flag of Japan which is rays of the sun on it. I notice the map FF published has an X on it by the top of the walking stick and hand, and looks like his shadow is playing guitar (but you can’t tell if he is coming or going, facing you or back to you) and lines of degrees match the amount of lines of rays on my guitar. One ray goes to the top of the neck where I tune the guitar. There are 8 rays, I ask myself is the ray on the tuning graphic linked to 2 or is it 7? Oh it matches her position of 2 and 7 and now I have confirmation. Then I realize I was playing E and A for Diary of a Madman in the dream! I associate the Letters E&A with Edgar Allen! Rushmore? I begin to think I need to align the 41 degrees!! I am going mad but it is so much fun!

You can imagine my excitement while I am putting all of this together! The woman in the dream is stretching her arms towards the end of the bed, she can’t grasp something, kind of like me not knowing, but like she is trying to reach the treasure? I then have an instant epiphany! I was a really good guitar player before my accident, (I actually had to relearn how to play and forgot all the songs I knew) and this guitar was the only one that felt good for fast play but it had one drawback. I can’t reach the top frets to keep up with Yngwie Malmsteen on the top scales. I broke the guitar in half out of frustration back when I was 19, and I was immediately remorseful and put the neck back on with some screws and it worked really good, but it sat for 30 years until I got it out and fixed it in 2019 due to the dream I had of it during thrill of the chase.

I measured out the frets to be 23 but there is a harmonic on what would be around the 24th fret that I always loved to play. But thought 23 is the last fret so I wasn’t sure what to use.

I have a dream of the 10 of Clubs and 6 of Clubs on the day I start marking on the map. I put a string on 2 pens and tie it at Santa Fe being my radius so the inner most point starts at Mount Rushmore and it links to Santa Fe, but my first try was 678mm or a circle of 26.5 inches about a half inch away from Santa Fe which is 13 inches from Rushmore. I put the map on a table I used to eat dinner at as a kid and remember also wanting to name my brother Treasure at that table when asked what we should name him.

Then also realizing I learned of death for the first time at this table, this memory was triggered after I saw a license plate the day I set up the map that said BUTRRFLY. When I was young I found a Monarch Butterfly and gently caught it and ran home. I sat at the table and was intrigued by the colors in the wings. It didn’t move though and I asked why it is not moving.

Flutter Bye

A question drenched tear fluttered through the air as I realized what death meant for the first time as a child. Amidst the memories I then go to the wall where a few old rulers have been since I was a kid.  I pull out the first one and it is a yard stick or 24 inches actually. I try to measure with it and look closer as I measure Santa Fe to Rushmore at 13 inches, am I hallucinating, there is no 13?… My lotto grouping numbers 678 are transposed on the Ruler flipped, somebody misprinted the ruler! This is astounding what are the odds!  

So I continue, despite my amazement, I need a long straight line that goes through both sides of the protractor, and I place the protractor in its center at Rushmore. Then I look for 41 degrees and align it to the Houdini Mansion. I have that line somewhat precise so I give it a plus or minus value on my degrees of about 1 to .08 degrees of play just in case I am sloppy and don’t really have the exact location. I tape the protractor to the map so it can’t move.

I start looking over the map and then look for zero to make a notation… Astounding, I do a double take, wow it is so precise that I start to laugh… Zero Degrees is at Santa Fe!  What an amazing coincidence!

Santa Fe is Zero Degrees I live at 20 Degrees and Houdini Mansion is 41 Degrees. I wrote BUTRRFLY under TTOTC book.

So I proceed to mark 2 o’clock and 7. I lay the ruler out and it fits the circle perfectly. I am using the degrees and a clock so there are two different aspects, also 20 degrees makes sense to me as that is where I live “HOME” and it is self affirming as 20 a 2 and at 7 O’clock. Further confirmation comes later as I read the book and one of the degrees of my Telephone number dream (247) I had back in 2003 is transposed as 274 as the amount of Missions FF flew in Vietnam, but in general at 2 o’clock.

The other degree is normally a degree that is close to 10 o’clock so it is kind of like 315 to 315 but I needed better confirmation and then I realize I need to mark where the Keno Board is with an F and low and behold it is at 10:10 for the clock portion. What in the Blazes?!!! The F actually fits within the Radius I used for Santa Fe too, not outside the circle and is snug right up to it. I don’t know where to link the line to because the F is at 10:10 but I consider 10×10 is 100 and I also have a dream of 2 planes and I read that FF flew F-100’s. So this is where I drew that line to, I just decide to align at F-100 as it reads out perfectly on my map when standing above it, and then to 315 degrees and I am more preoccupied with why it won’t converge in the Rocky Mountains through the 2 and 7 line to create an exact point. I can’t force it though so I just draw the lines! You can see if I go higher towards 10:10 I get further away from the Rocky Mountains and 10 O’clock is still out of bounds and really perplexing me and creating more distractions from the 2-7 line in Colorado.

So I have 2 lines. I am using my telephone number as degrees and confirmation.

315-247-1111 I hope I don’t cause people to call it… Where 315 is at 100 degrees or normally 10 O’clock kind of confusing me. But transposed to the new position referencing 41 Degrees at Rushmore 315 is down towards 5 o’clock. Had I used the F and gone to 6 I would have drawn right through the GPS solve coordinates.

You can see on the wide picture of the map that I make the line from 100 degrees to 315, but if I try to intersect on 2 and 7 it doesn’t hit the Rocky Mountains. This is what confuses me. At first I think it is in Montana due to MTX and now I switch and think it was in Colorado being that the Keno board is Red and hence Color-Red-OH! Had I just stuck with 10 of clubs and 6 of clubs I would have hit perfectly.

I Erased all of these lines and 678 Radius and started over initially using only Santa Fe as the Radius, just needed to tune down from the indentation and overlooked this connection. Look at the M at the GPS spot! M-T-X!

As I worked on the map I got so confused I just started making more marks and got worse and worse results. I gave up and said there must be coding to the poem. I now know why I was confused but you can see that my line from 315 to 100 degrees and 24 Frets up lands within the variance of my .08 degrees and the Ruler width ends at 28 degrees and 28.08 was in the Telephone number dream. I measure my Guitar neck so I don’t break it again to set it on the map.  Look in the other picture Santa Fe radius, I needed to measure out to 23 and 24 because of the harmonics and decreasing size of the frets and planned on coming back. But I was more interested in the Colorado Line and paid more attention the entire time to it.  I must have known in my heart it was more important.

Here is a closeup of the F and how it would align towards 6, the RED line I photo shopped, coming up from the bottom is at 6 going to F=1010

Now if I draw the line directly through the GPS solve I can triangulate with my other line with the 24th fret. (UPDATED 1/8/2021! *F to 6 line hits so precise on 2-7 with my Harmonic that I am in awe! 678mm on the 2-7 line from F to 6! Also just realized there is an M under the RED Line, I put a black line right through it the second time, didn’t see it, and now M-T-X again makes sense! It was right there in front of my face just needed to not look at the Indention… ) Now I can do things on the 2 and 7 line. But I only know that after the treasure is found, back then I am just throwing darts at a map using dreams. But now you know why I only needed to see the Girl at 2 and 7 being played like a guitar if there are 2 treasures. Since I will have the GPS solve location and use F as an anchor! So I imagine the vicinity is in the line but there are 2 lines on the 2-7 line. Remember 28 and the .08 degrees is my variance and 20 to 28 degrees is the width of the ruler. Duality Rules me always! So I can’t truly pinpoint but I can get a vicinity. We need to crack the code anyways since this treasure would be buried. There is no way to stumble on it even if I can get this precise. It was mostly just a confirmation and fun for me to witness the miracles and knowing my friend is looking out for me from the other side.

Had a good laugh today 1/8/21… I just realized why I was playing air guitar maybe deals with joke about boots in the air. The harmonic fits with laser precision at F-6 on the 2-7 line but that aligns the GPS solve and is confirmation. Now I have to use those prior dreams to glean a different location. I saw NOON NOON NOON back when I started trying to decode the poem. The dream I thought was harmonics combines as the pointing dream being at the rays and harmonic so a dual dream. The Air guitar dream references strumming but funny like Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure! Funny so I remember it now to laugh and that is farther than the harmonics and I created a miracle song that is what I treasure now about the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. Maybe that song saves the world like the latest Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure movie lol!

I wondered if my Clock is off today on the map. I was standing there pondering how do I know where true north is and there is a declination on FF’s map too so I need to know how to c-lock it in. I was guessing and estimating my NOON line this whole time and NOON affects 6 only as the other times are general locations. I had 2 marks and chose the closer mark when I redid the map yesterday. 2 Marks already at NOON, so today I am looking up there and then bingo, 102 degrees is printed on the map at the top and 12 is NOON I can reference!

3 NOON marks! I think I am finding this with Hindsight 20/20! So much fun today looking back at my dreams and perceiving new info and confirmations! Points closer to Zero at 6 now and also marks a place I went to as a kid. This is really amazing! I also thought the 00’s I am seeing on plates was dealing with finding Janes Blonde (as you will read later) as signs, but I drove by 3 cars waiting to turn at a light and their last 2 digits were 00 making 6 zeros. This is 1 Million, something with the million dollar highway? This could also go with the poem as there is no Paddle up your Creek at the headwaters of the Rio Grande.

I also had a dream that I felt like I was in Switzerland with a small village and snow. I saw a place called the Switzerland of America! So I am honing in on this now! Again this is just a vicinity and perhaps why people are drawn there when the chase was going on. This is a super mystery and the poem will need to be cracked 100% just knowing about the following 2 prior dreams I thought were important.

Dream #1 You can only Find it 1 day per year ( deals with Orion? )
Dream #2 Secret Moon Times ( I am in boulders looking at the moon cut through and shine on a spot )
Feeling of COLD it is very COLD there! I doubt the GPS solve is this cold, gives me the chills! SO I am getting HOT by being COLD! So even if we crack the poem we may still have more clues to solve…

Tired of dealing with the map I look for encryption in the poem. I notice ONE and ONE and I started thinking one and one is two and thought about adding words as numbers but got distracted as I looked down and see ONE going UP and Across towards the bottom of the poem making a corner, and another ONE going down by the word Tengo in my excel spreadsheet with no spaces. I then see the word IDEA backwards on the corners of the poem and I write it out right to left on the corners and the word THERE becomes THERD and I read As I have gone alone in therds. I also say it another way, As I have gone in there alone and think Alone must go. Also spells AIDE and maybe something to do with Morse Code or the letters SOS?

So I think what if I reduce to thirds and maybe list ten good boxes. Now realizing how close I was to adding words as numbers I kick myself, but then I wouldn’t have found the real Blaze had I started that thought process.  You can imagine how stuck I was on moving things and doing what the poem told me to do. Had I not been distracted by that corner ONE I may have added things up. I wasn’t meant to find this treasure though much like the Gold Ball. Just validate Miracles and possibly help decode the 2nd treasure location, and now realizing to hopefully create a better world by showing we are all capable of miracles and just think if we combine our efforts!

The ONE word that is Key is the word ONE!

Just follow what the poem tells you to do to arrange the Blaze! Notice THEBLAZE is 8 letters and ICANKEEP is 8 and blocked by the O in ONE, so 9 is a key somehow with TSKEYEEE being 8 up. Tengo means KEEP in Spanish. Notice FF tells us to take the CHEST and go ALONE IN and leaves a Wise Down with the CHEST. Put as I have gone alone “IN” Below the home of brown, and with my treasures bold. So why is it that I must go and the block of ONES must stay together and the Corner must be at the bottom so it must go that way and the GO and GO line up when we flip them as confirmation. As above SO & SO below reference to flip too. Notice the word ONE has a backwards TWO above it and TRES below, all at the top of the Blaze. Lots of TOO diagonal and up and down around the top of the Blaze. Easy as One Two Tres!

Witness THE BLAZE! A Blaze is a Rectangle cut into a Tree to Mark a Trail
Here is another idea that I found, chop wood with alone to start the blaze. Line 1 reads grammatically correct 3 ways. Also a few other lines could swap naturally.

I had put things aside for a while as I left the map on the table when I woke up to a miracle at exactly 9AM in December 2019 and started playing guitar. I didn’t put it down for 3 days so I practiced the creation of the composition. Then I bridged all the parts together over 3 months. I could never compose on guitar just play other songs and pieces. I started playing guitar when I was about 15 after I was grounded all summer for lighting a massive firework off in between the annex buildings at the school. The reverberation was so loud I thought the walls caved in. Here is a link to listen to the composition at my GoFundMe that I started in order to properly master the piece. I then got the feeling I need to hurry and write Forrest Fenn and show him some of the crazy things I found. I sent pictures of the map. But he may not have even read it. Coincidentally the treasure was found about 2 months after I emailed FF.

Had he seen my email, he must have been surprised to see how close I was on my upper line to the GPS if that is the spot, but imagine if the second treasure is at 23 or 24 Frets on the Colorado 2-7 lines. He must have laughed until he cried if I was even close to the second treasure. I hope he saw the email… I named it Clueless and Lark Expedition.

Three days before the chest is found I had a dream that I was hiding 2 golden hockey pucks under my feet in 2 different places apart from each other, someone saw the one that was higher and then the chest was found. I knew it would be found soon after, I had a sinking feeling due to that dream.  I also had a dream of digging prior to that and I woke up and went out to change the dog water as I do every day.  I noticed the dirt eroding away and it looked like a green rock. I brushed the dirt away and then got a stick and started digging. I found a Green Refrigerator Magnet of the letter F and I couldn’t stop laughing all day, I felt like a little kid again and left that as a treasure for myself to find.

What the F is going on! My favorite keepsake! Dreamt of digging treasure this day!

After the Chest was found I was sad that nothing came to me well enough to even go looking. I turned on the TV and watched Songland. BB Rexa was on and she said we are going to do something never before in Songland, we will combine the 2 songs! A light went on in my head… Nothing came from my Keno board in the chase so they must be lotto numbers and I need to F-IT and bring them together to make them FIT! The numbers worked as lotto and I played. The next day someone from my state won and I hadn’t checked my numbers and got very excited. I went home and saw it wasn’t my numbers. Maybe I need a witness to this miracle?

Later in 2020 I have a confirmation that I do need to tell the story which is why I am writing this. It ties in to MTX and the waking vision. I had a dream when I was about 20 (1990’s) of a Blonde woman. I called her Janes Blonde as she is the psychic spy who loves me. I have been looking for her ever since. I thought I found her when I met a woman with my same birthday but 9 years older, soon after I realized she is not Jane’s Blonde. It wasn’t meant to be and I even told her I am looking for someone and have been waiting for 20 years. I felt bad that I may have affected her destiny while mistaking her for my Blonde Destiny.

I didn’t talk to her for a few years, but then I had a dream that she had a black eye. I sped over to her house and she has a screen door and I can’t see through it. She said timidly hi, I am not doing very well right now. I said what is going on, has someone hurt you? She opened the door and her eye was swollen and red. She thought she got an infection and the doctors couldn’t figure it out. They gave her all types of eye drops but nothing worked. She said they will do surgery and remove her eye. She happened to mention her insurance doesn’t cover one steroid they thought may help but it is $400 out of pocket. I said lets go buy it, I have a Visa and I am not taking no for an answer. 2 days later a tiny sharp piece of metal came out of her eye, I watched it come out as she was frantically screaming, she put it on the counter for me to see. I saved her baby blue eye that day due to a Miracle Dream!

Still looking for Janes Blonde after that, I just happened to be woke from dream into action and very lucky she mentioned the expensive steroid drops.

I met the woman of my dreams at Music & Sky coincidentally on 10/10/20. One thing that kept my spirits up while looking for her the past 30 years, was a wedding I videotaped back around 2008 in Sedona that was a Renaissance fair medieval forest setting. The speaker quoted Rumi.

The poet Rumi wrote…

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

Duality is at play again and I keep applying things to treasure. Remember I had a vision while awake of the letters MTX. So I am thinking this must be where the treasure is for FF as what I thought initially. X marks the spot! So it is in MT=Montana around the X of the shadow FF casts on the map! Ruby Range was the indentation I put on the Map also and there are 2 Ruby Ranges, the other is in Colorado! Duality!

I have 3 different sets of lotto numbers and one is my birthday variation. I saw a license plate Sept 2019 customized as “MEEEEEE” I kind of thought 6E is like 6 Numbers to win lotto. Then a month later on 10/10/2019 I said to myself “ME” for no reason as I was shopping and I turned quickly to look at someone playing lotto. I saw the lady check her tickets and lose, and I said yep that is just like me I always lose. The drawing time closed while I was standing there at 7PM too so I couldn’t play any numbers even if I wanted to, although I would not have checked the winning numbers that night had I not seen the MEEEEEE plate and felt prompted to make that joke of myself.

Turns out my birthday number variation from 30 years ago would have hit on 10/10! I would have won 400 Million but didn’t play. I was upset at first, but I said to myself it is still a miracle! 30 years in the making, yet how is that possible even though I do believe in miracles! Good thing I didn’t win and I am so glad I didn’t, I wasn’t supposed to win, only see that I would have. Had I won I would have created a different life and diverge from this destiny of the greatest mystical treasure to be hidden by time and divine signs.

So as I am just going on with life and looking for Janes Blonde, I see a post for an event called Music & Sky on 10/10/20 and I want to go but think, well I have my F-IT numbers, should I stay home in case numbers get revealed and I would need to play all combinations, or should I go to the event? I need a sign… It is 10/10 I don’t want to miss again!

Later that day after contem-PLATING I see a License plate that is custom… “TSSSSSS” What??? No way again! 6 S like 6E are 6 numbers in lotto but is also phonetically SixS or Success! Ok then I must already have the numbers and I should go! YES!!!

On 10/09 I meet a blonde woman who was kind of lost and asked for driving directions as I was standing at my trailer at Music & Sky in the desert of California. I was stunned by her beauty and thought no way I would have a chance, and was very fun talking for 5 minutes with all the excitement of Music & Sky starting. There was something special but I kind of felt out of my league.

On 10/10 at Music & Sky, I keep getting woken up by some dream that tells me… “She likes you”. I think the blonde woman would be who I want the dream to be referring to, and I feel positive energy of the possibility! Although I figured if someone really likes me they will make a move at some point so I try not to make a fool of myself. But, I don’t find anyone going to much trouble to show their affection… I also realized that someone walked up to talk about the camera at the exact moment I was wanting to go over and talk to her, I saw her standing alone on the hill. I never had the chance to talk to her again.

So I get back home and check my numbers and didn’t win. Totally deflated, I thought for sure this was the time to win!  That night I have a dream of Janes Blonde in my home looking at me! Whoa! I woke up so fast and remembered her so vividly, immediately as I awakened I realize I almost lost again.  At that point I am overwhelmed, I knew I had met Janes Blonde! I think more about any signs just to try and validate what I didn’t put together. I think about my latest realization being my 2 other sets of numbers may be 1 set as I needed to make them FIT, and then it hits me like a Tsunami!

The 2 License Plates I saw come together as MEEEEEE TSSSSSS… 6E is SEXY the plate is saying, ME SEXY. Plate MEEEEEE plus plate TSSSSSS relates to MTX now and I make them FIT or my newest slogan F-IT.

MEET SEXY SUCCESS! M+T+X and in this case the X is a roman numeral 10 or the beautiful unattainable woman of my dreams! I have found the most phenomenal treasure ever! My Heart was soaring when I figured this out!  She was even lost when she found me!  The only other thing I knew about Janes Blonde to confirm is that I had a dream long ago about her being from Texas and sure enough…  M-TX = Texas can make sense now.  I do some research and yep born in TX.  I also realized that the first thing I did when I started looking for her 30 years ago was something that created this paradox. I became a vegan and tried to get healthy when I met her. This caused me to lack energy the day I was injured with a concussion syndrome after 3 grueling class A downs in a row and I just realized this now looking back.

The miracle may be Janes Blonde wanting to be with me… I wanted to name my future Son SKY decades ago and now realize Music & Sky is why.

To verify the incredible to credible is possible, I sent an email subject as Clueless and Lark including my map as a picture to Forrest Fenn a few months prior to the treasure being found.  My family could validate, I was overflowing with dreams and amazing craziness and the map was in front of them every day on the table, but I would rather keep them out of it. Many people will think it is a stretch of the imagination and I would agree, the woman was stretching her arms to 7 O’clock.

There was also a dream of FF and he was much younger. I was at a hotel somewhere and I was showing the angle the lady took in reference to the bed and saying no it was higher if the bed is the map. He then took his leg and placed it on the 7 & 2 Line and there was a hole in his leg above his boot. Like a bullet hole but no damage or blood, I looked closer and it was hollow, but this seems to be an MT or Empty reference to X on the map, or how deep is a hole reference?

This could also be a funny joke as I thought initially it meant you are pulling my leg because I didn’t know the GPS solve at that time I dreamt it, like I am trying to explain my reasoning to him. Only now I realize I already knew about the GPS coordinates in this dream and I was telling Forrest no it is up there you even said it is in Wyoming, but he was young in the dream so it confuses me again. Also this is a Boots in the Air instead of Boots on the Ground joke as he is a Pilot and the bullet hole could be a shot down reference. The hole starts where the shadow on the map starts at Santa Fe, there is a point to the shadow as if it grows from Santa Fe on his published map.

This would also mean he is facing us as it was on the outside of his left leg. So if he is facing us in the picture, he isn’t playing guitar, unless like Jimi Hendrix he is using his right hand for the frets. Jimi flipped the neck of his guitar to get WARM tones on the high E string and Bright tones on the Low E. Does it go back to guitars now? Are you X-Perienced, or Spanish Castle Magic augmented 9th chord… the shadow starts on the Ninth Line! 7+2 orientation of the Foxy Lady.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was naturally left-handed but his father, Al, initially tried to force the young James to play right-handed. Al Hendrix reportedly believed playing left-handed was a sign of the devil. Why so? It has its roots in language. “Sinister”, in ancient Latin, means “left” and also “unlucky” – in modern times someone “sinister” is un-trusted or even evil. These linguistic oddities persist. “Right” means “correct” in English, obviously. In French, “gauche” means both “left” and “awkward.” So, even in language, left-handers get a bum deal.
Right Handed Guitar, Flipped pickups for a Warm Tone

Only now I realize F is the 6th letter of the alphabet and on my Second Circle it fits F to 6 o’clock like 10 of Clubs and 6 of Clubs but 10:10 is where F marks the spot.  This only helps validate I was on the right path both times and maybe that is why I was confused as I erased my original, since it was not a radius at Santa Fe.  I wasn’t thinking it through when I started. I also realize that 14 Frets lands on the GPS location on that F 6 Santa Fe Radius and 7×2 (Guitar Lady Line 2 to 7) is 14 frets, so there is always a duality involved in what happened but I can reach the 14th Fret so I disregard this.  It is also ok if the GPS is not the solve too, just a bearing now locking in my coordinates better, that I picked up on for some reason or another and now have validation.

I wasn’t going to add this dream because I didn’t want to ruin things for the finder if the GPS is the solve and I am not 100% certain as M marks the GPS spot and MTX means MT-X here as in “MT=Empty” and not the spot but meant for me to use to align now. But this goes with the second treasure confirmation. I had a dream in 2003 while looking for the Gold Ball, very fast dream and I wake right up hearing TREE TREE FEET FEET. No clue what this meant and I tried to apply it to everything, even later in 2020 I thought it dealt with covid at first 6 Feet Social Distance if you add 3 and 3 as Tree Tree and also 3/3 was the lockdown. After seeing the Blaze on the 2 trees in the GPS location I think this refers to that spot. Feet Feet also reminds me that I would have dreamed both feet on 1 golden hockey puck had there been 1 treasure. I was stretched to cover the one and it peeked out and someone saw the gold. So naturally use both feet to hide it. So this reinforces my belief that there is a second treasure and the GPS is marked by my Map and aligns perfectly to Key the Grid you will see below in the next section.

Something about Canasta also piques a thought as FF said if you don’t know Where Warm Waters Halt you may as well stay home and play Canasta. 3 or more cards of the same rank are called a Meld, also with certain amounts of wild cards and combinations. 3’s have a significance in Canasta and I know Cliff Johnson the puzzle maker for the Mysterious Stranger, loves 3×3’s and I believe he encoded the Poem for FF to hide more treasures. 5000 points to win Canasta and the treasure is above 5000 to 10,200 Feet and 10,000 feet is the hard deck for Pilots so 10,200 feet at the max and 200 feet reference pops up here as in someone was 200 feet away from the treasure. I always thought FF was messing with people and stating this was 200 feet in Altitude. When I first heard Canasta I put this together in this way and had a dream that I need 2 decks and to get the floor is what I said to myself in my dream, which 10K Feet is the floor of Colorado so I was intrigued by this as a hint to CO. Hard Deck is meant for pilot training so if you go below the hard deck you crashed. FF was alluding to something really amazing if we can figure it out.

The Woman from Kenosha Wisconsin! Updated 3/13/21

A few weeks after I figured out that my Keno Board is a Pirate Map and aligns as a Key, I talked with a woman who said she is from Kenosha Wisconsin. Kenosha is the first notable place that my Pirate Map drew me to ( using 39 initially instead of 29 on the grid below ) except this is Kenosha Pass Colorado not Wisconsin, yet the Pass is named after a Stagecoach driver from Wisconsin. I said to her she must be my Kenosha connection and she asked “why?”. I told her I had a dream 30 years ago that now pointed me to a spot on a map in a miraculous way. I had been playing them as lotto numbers all these years and lost so much money. She says I know how you feel, she states that she also had a dream of numbers and has been playing them for 30 years too! We were both overwhelmed by amazement. She then told me the numbers and I looked at them. I notice if I take the end number and shift it to the beginning that it makes double numbers that are what I call my ViKing numbers. I am pretty sure these are coded for me. Not positive but I had some cool coincidences happen to amaze me even further as I saw a plate that said GUMMP as I pulled into a parking spot to call her about what I found with my ViKing numbers and someone pulled in while I talked and as I pulled out I saw the plate and laughed. Run Forrest Run, hurry lets find the treasure!

“I jot these lines literally at Kenosha summit, where we return, afternoon, and take a long rest, 10,000 feet above sea-level. At this immense height the South Park stretches fifty miles before me. Mountainous chains and peaks in every variety of perspective, every hue of vista, fringe the view…so the whole Western world is, in a sense, but an expansion of these mountains.”


The word Keno is in Kenosha and HA laughing as a joke, I googled Kenosha and found Gravitys Rainbow… Treasure at the end of the Rainbow? A funny reference in the book Gravity’s Rainbow is from a truth serum scene: “You Ever Do the Kenosha Kid?”. Just more parallels, but I think I am supposed to take the first Numbers of Kenosha on my Keno Pirate Map in GPS on my Grid, and use the others my Kenosha Connection gave me to split them 5×5 since there are 10 numbers total, and that gets me to within 1 meter of an area. 39.xxxxx00 -105.xxxxx00 in decimals, and also, coincidentally all numbers fit as Hours Minutes Seconds exactly! I also noticed Kenosha is high in my Grid so 39 may not be the number and I am leaning towards 29. I thought 39 was the location because it is skipped by my group of numbers. But then I see the X later using 18… This will leave more combinations, but I think Kenosha was meant to prompt the conversation with the Woman from Wisconsin.

The odds of the Kenosha connection happening are beyond any human comprehension if I can use them to find the spot, or they help me in some way later. Only God could do the calculations and apparently God already did the math if these numbers lead me to the spot. Here is how I found Kenosha from my Map.

Flipped the Keno Board and 20 hit 20 degrees, so I thought to look at 40 and slide it up to match and as I did I realized 1,12,23 align and magically made a Pirate Map! The Viking game piece is standing on the X! 29 – 40 to 18 and 38 to 20 also 18 is 1010 I see double.
I also used an average for the 2nd Radius between 345mm and 678mm and that is when things started to be precise!
This is the Line that reaches through the GPS solve location to 100 Degrees, the paper slipped ever so slightly as I marked the Line…
But this is a general location of the KEY
Here is the GPS with the M for MTX that is linked to the F Keno Pattern at Swan Range that goes to 6 and I have two 6 spots I was unsure where Noon was. But you can see it passes right through the GPS and marks it as an X.
Here is the general vicinity and is also near a Home of Brown Canyon! This all came together out of pure dumb luck but it Fits! The Paper had to be printed perfectly the first time and I made adjustments to the print margins luckily as I may not have seen this on a smaller version, although I just needed the first 2 numbers of each Lat and Long GPS and now hope to plug the Kenosha Connection Numbers in!

(Entry on 6/13/21) Salida is also the Heart of the Rockies, I had initially thought 39 was the number and that was relating to Kenosha, but I also had a dream that Janes Blonde was showing me 29 long before I knew about any of this. You can also see that an X is made on my Keno numbers from 40 to 18 and 18 is 10 10 to me due to double vision so taking 28 to 20 and 40 to 18 marks 29 as the center. Browns Canyon is in the middle, although Salida means Gateway or Exit in Spanish and is at the top of the Royal Gorge where the Arkansas valley opens up. Salida is also known as the Crossroads and that is one of my favorite movies I watched as a kid as I was learning to play guitar. Looks like I am at the Crossroads blindly looking for miracles… Another funny thing I forgot to post is that I took a philosophy class in my first and last semester of college. My teacher was very wise and a great storyteller. On the last graded paper we were supposed to do a big essay on all that we learned. I took Plato’s concept of perfection to heart, being that perfection can only be obtained in the realm of thought so to put ideas on paper would only enhance imperfection as there only exists one ideal and the rest is just a copy. I then turned in a Blank piece of paper. I was going to turn in a ream of paper to show that I had so many copies as a joke, but gave one blank piece of paper as the final. I knew this was my last class and was going to leave school and I really wanted an F because it didn’t matter to me since I was not going back to school. The teacher gave me an A. Well, only until now I got the “F” I always wanted, as the Keno Board was blazed in my mind for so long that the enigma is cleared as it became the Pirate Map. Leading me to even more confounding clues and future dreams I may not have dreamt yet. I hope to decipher the location of whatever FF has hidden here. Perfection and Plato lead me to an “F” and that is the greatest grade I could ever make!

The Keno board turned out to be Lotto numbers in an incredible duality as pirate map and winning lotto numbers, but I wasn’t playing that day. I only looked at the numbers due to a dream I woke from. I would have hit 4 out of 5 and got the Powerball number correct or about $50K, the funny thing is I had to think inside the box and I actually wrote these numbers out ready to play, but the missing number was one of my Viking numbers. There is no way Viking fits with the Keno map as those numbers are outside the box. Another confirmation perhaps, and the only reason I didn’t play was that it was not a big enough Jackpot to do what I hope to accomplish.

Maybe the story accomplishes more…

Ultimately I am revealing this out of Love for the world and that God knows our hearts, as I doubt this ability would have unveiled itself had I not been willing to share the miracles. I now find myself in the greatest love story after 30 years of searching and finding Janes Blonde! I also want to share the love and I hope to inspire other dreamers to fulfill their destiny. I really wish I had found the original treasure as that would have been the most fun to give a piece to many searchers as a symbol of sharing that the world could become, and posthumously honor FF in the most magnificent way! Although I plan on doing this with any future lotto winnings and I will back the concept I write about in ManifestX by making a fund to Assure people instead of Insuring them as we “Bond” together. The fund will go away if not replenished as a leg up and best chance for humanity in spite of politicians and corporate greed.

I always knew I would sleep my way to the top using my dreams and I hope I can dumb found the second treasure. If you were not tired of the Poem, well you may soon become very tired of it. Cryptography is maddening, but we will dream up a way and I suggest we solve it as a group.

There is one final dream sequence of an undulating field of Purple Flowered plants, ( I was worried the birds would get cold as the winter was setting in ), then I see a Mountain with Fog, very foreboding, I am walking with FF and he is older and I look to my left and see Boulders jutting from the ground and a path we walk. Then I say How Much Farther! I wake up. I think there were many switch backs and it is a long trip.

Live it Vivid

2 thoughts on “Revealing the Magical Mysterious Map that Encompasses David Blaine & Forrest Fenn Treasures!”

  1. RCK says:

    So nicely presented. Your ‘puzzle’ and mysterious life of thoughts, interests, and numbers make perfect collaborative sense to me. You’ve done well to retain all you have. Now it is safely kept in this blog entry.
    Two treasures would be wonderful. They wouldn’t be far apart. The shared GPS solve seems to miss the ACE in word Place. That would give new coordinates, but close by, if the Ace is to add just ONE more. TTOTC starts off about cards dealt in life, does it not?

  2. T3Q says:

    Thanks I put this together in 1 day very quick. Yes I like the ACE Card reference. If the finder knew the GPS solve but didn’t realize there are 2 treasures that would be a good trick to play. So there may be a few solutions we could devise. But the only reason I don’t think adding a card helps is due to The Blaze I found in the Poem. This one is a mindbender!

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