The Thrill is Not Gone! 11 | 11 | 20

In honor of Forrest Fenn I chose to reveal knowledge of mystical connections and new insight into the possibility of a second treasure that is buried without bounds or could also be next to the home of brown. There may be other people out there who have seen the Blaze in the poem already and chose to keep to themselves. I thought of the possibility of what I found to be a track to the original treasure solve, but I am very sure there are two treasures just like the two Omegas at the end of the book in “The Thrill Of The Chase”, as the end is the beginning! A master cryptographer was at work on this and it will be no easy code to break. Could this be a Cliffhanger? Did Cliff Johnson of David Blaine’s coding help Forrest Fenn encode his Poem?

Some of the hints that Forrest gave to a second treasure align with what I found in the Poem versus what Forrest mentions. Forrest says One word is Key, I found that the word ONE is KEY to making the blaze. Forrest also says don’t mess with the poem, yet when I mess with the poem I get The Blaze and the odds are Tarry Scant it is a coincidence. Forrest says he felt like an architect creating the poem, this makes sense either way, poetically and also cryptographically as a puzzle which is masterful when combined at this level.

Forrest also says he took 2 trips to (bury) hide the treasure, and I think it was said this way on purpose as though it slipped and then states the treasure (of gold) is not buried. Perhaps this hints at the BELLS being buried and other forms of treasures that are dear to FF.

I don’t think FF planned on the treasure not being found for so long and somewhat easier with the GPS solve as it is the best way to get there precisely. I started very late and wanted to use my dreams first to figure out the location of the Treasure, and towards the end I saw the Blaze in the poem and got occupied with that as a solve. This would give credence to a second treasure as the first should have been quicker to solve and the second would then lay dormant for eternity as the chase was seemingly over. I imagine fate was waiting for me. I personally admire the spirit of the chase and if it takes 500 years to find, that means people must realize a second treasure is out there and crack the code.

In Honor of FF on 11/11/20 Veterans Day, I attempted to make it known by showing the Blaze in the Poem to A Gypsies Kiss and CowLazars to get the word out, but there was no real response on that day… CowLazars did a shout out on 1/4/21. I also sent an email to Jack “The Finder” at his published email and probably went straight to his Crazy bin, no response. So lets see where “IT” goes from here!

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