Manifest X Rough Draft Script for Animated Story.

Remember Remember the Fifth of Jack perhaps why I forgot, I see no reason why it is the season I can’t afford the bottle I bought.

***X is ManiX The Mirror Image of V. She wears a mirrored mask/electronic (like Mystique in XMen) not to hide her identity, but to show her foes their true identity, as they are their own enemy. Maybe mirrored mask is too much but show this connection somehow in a creative way***

Starts sounding like V in the movie… Good evening, America. Allow me to introduce myself and have a little chat over some tea. 2 V or not 2 V I stand before you to be X, a marked object of symmetry, composed in lieu of views that might obfuscate the obvious symphony I syndicate, as a lewd prelude precluding the demise of lies with Truth.

Edited Those who hold the lion’s share of power know me as the Elephant in the room as I share the secret that a lion doesn’t share, symbolically simplified as Simba I will announce the truth as a child could comprehend. I can only implore those who chose to ignore, may they now hear me roar.

Edited rework later… Officials in Power believe Nothing can defeat them, the duality of words makes this the truest statement ever… now as the Middle Class taps into the Power of Nothing, together we will make Nothing more Powerful, defeating the powers that be. Manifesting energy we spent and expend to regain lost power both in physical and mental form. Economically the power pyramid currently goes from the Top Down, so Bottoms Up as collectively we raise a shot to be done with those who put the despair in disparity creating the harm in harmony!

A mirror image of V I reflect as X, not to be left speechless as X is less expressive or verbose than V. Even so, as I manifest into X I realize that I have so much more to say and I wish to reflect in a different way to stand beside V becoming W for the Win.

Even childishly nicknamed as Simba I will remain nameless, my signature an X. My X marks the spot to behold the treasure as this golden persona of V materialized to synthesize a cynical soliloquy, with syncopated rations of rationale formed from Guy Fawkes into gyrations that release the masses from syncope ways of coping by my scintillating intellect.

I should begin with Tea as the most polite gesture I can conjure, along with a sigh of disgusted grief hoping for relief that somehow people will finally take heed. A sigh is merely the first four letters of sight consequently ending with T. As we begin our Tea, I might only hope to provoke provisions provided by my vision and prophecy, or shall I say prophe-sigh.

Americans are so addicted to oil that it is reminiscent of a drug, which ironically hints at the true meaning of the word CARtel. A Crude analogy, still there is part of the Con in eCONomy ending with O MY… God said, “Thou Shall Not Kill”, yet “In God We Trust” is the CONtract binding God to us through federal “Deeds”. Perhaps Americans have now read the Tea Leaves? Why Americans still allow politicians to sell out the 99 percent? Because they are sick! In a sick society who wouldn’t be infected where all are affected?

Ahh before you answer that question, here is the Tea I promised and as I pour a Full cup for Vince, I should also remind you that lies are Ruthless after Tea, becoming T-Rutheless. So I hand Ruth a cup but pretend to pour the Tea and she starts to sip at the empty cup, I turn to Vince and Con Vince that the Tea Ruth sips is just his cup of Tea. The vacuous cup of tea Ruth holds is the empty hope that someone fills her cup without having to use it to beg from. Ruth even points her pinky to show her manners while gulping down all manner of lies that were poured only to make her poor. Insurance companies told and sold the lies to make Vince willingly sign up to buy the farm, as Vince died before he could even use the benefits that he paid into for all the years of his life.

So much for Tea and Ruth or “Truth” only to Con Vince just to swallow it.

Disease literally means a lack of ease, and it makes me uneasy to state that the current state of affairs is not fair nor easy to comprehend why even the best comprehensive insurance leaves us apprehensive. A conundrum representing the magnitude of this situation would state… Change is the only thing that stays the same, yet we do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. This leaves us right back where we started from, but the change is always ours to make. Quite a dilemma as anyone named Emma should protest being in such a pickle, still thinking it is kosher as Emma read the brochure believing advertisements that only avert eyes from seeing the truth as the empty Tea Ruth sips insipidly.

And the truth is… (use better options… here is one:) money can’t cure the problem as money is the problem, but at the same time lack of money is the problem. This conundrum beats anyone it confounds to compound it! The top 1% hold all the power to commodify our lives along with our health and just as well to doctor things up as their accomplices will drug you and are very skilled with knives!

Insurance Companies think their customers are stupid, as they rob them they tell them to: “Save 15% or Moron Car Insurance”, then reduce their IQ even further by having to buy it from a reptile with a British accent to drive the drivel home. These SighCo’s employ Lizards to tell people to think about insurance metaphorically dropping the phonetic I as Gecko a phony front of SighCO’s, and to Save “Moron” Car Insurance. This is to ensure that people won’t accidentally hear the Moron joke, only revealing that the Gecko had them from the Get Go. I am surprised Gecko’s don’t offer customers a Chameleon dollars to sign up!

The only time people find out the disparity is by Accident. A hospital would charge you Retail and put you in debt, but insurance companies only pay about 10% as they then charge you a deductible, like paying the cost for the insurance company as they still collect your Premiums. SighCo’s state they have your interests at stake yet attempt to operate without cooperation only to deny operations. Still to force us to believe that Sighs don’t matter while telling and selling all sorts of lies.

SighCO’s have lobbied our Legislators telling them that the Health Insurance and banking problem is actually so simple a caveman can figure it out. This would explain why our leaders are left in the dark, they were sent searching around in caves by these companies to find a Caveman to help them. But all that is found are hieroglyphs, as the caveman’s drawings only draw one conclusion, we must evolve. And in the end, even catching insurance companies in their lies, all that is left in hand would be a worthless tail. Along with the tale that was told and now left to hold as the SighCO’s Turn tail and leave us on the side of the road. This flailing tail regenerated into a new tail in a perpetual Mutual Liberty of Tall Tales.

When SighCo’s state phrases like, “Insurance In Action”, it only sounds like insurance inaction, and you can be sure that they won’t hesitate to take the Liberty to Mutually enact your demise. Insurance In-action sounds like they could use it in court and state that they meant inaction. In-action means to “not act”, so together we must tell the Gecko to stop acting, the dancing duck to stop quacking! Now as we view the criminal lineup to identify the robbers, we find all of them were wearing their disguises a Lizard, Duck, Bear, and Bull and one even holds the most sacred torch of Liberty, a sort of Statue-tory Rape! Of course Americans already have liberty, this same so called liberty is wielded against them by their own lack of understanding and organization, not withstanding collusion that these institutions stand for.

No stock broker, doctor, or politician will procure a cure. Until we solve for X to this conundrum of epic proportions. The solution is merely a blank piece of paper acting as our Placebo, within our prescRIPtion there is always a R.I.P. yet only to expire when it does not inspire Americans to conspire against its institutions creating a peaceful healthful revolution. If you see what I see and feel as I do then together we will have drawn up this blank legislation! A contract containing no stipulations by both parties, no pre-existing conditions or stifling paperwork and shuffling of doctors as if to proxy hypocrisy into the Hippocratic oath. Unfortunately, the forming of this contract is conformed to the same empty green piece of paper currently serving as currency that our health is traded and betrayed over.

People need Health Assurance not Health Insurance. Insurance is something you need playing cards in Blackjack when the dealer is showing an Ace, just in case the dealer has 21. Americans are gambling with their health and paying “Drug Dealers” because they show an Ace. There is an Ace in Pl-Ace-bo that together we can hold taking the sugar pill to cure ourselves as we create a Placebo Society. Signing with an X on our blank contract to reveal the power of nothing, together we make nothing more powerful.

How long will Americans wait for its leaders to legislate human decency into law, making costs normalize away from costing more than most people can earn in their entire lifetime. Working for your Health really is the joke now. Finally to say that our lives and health are worth more than a mere piece of paper is the proper and just meaning that I must imply with an S, or to “Simply” demand a new standard be held for humanity and control the costs as if it costs our lives, so that we can truly say we are working for our health!

***End Also we can show how people like to gamble and throw their money into a black hole called the Lottery. People gamble to win and the lottery is proof that we have the money to spend to make society well again. How many Trillions of dollars have been Taxed and shred up energy just at the chance to win a big jackpot. The Placebo Jackpot makes us all winners… X wears a surgeons mask or Doctor Mask over Mirrored Mask, Curtains behind X are Red like in the movie and open to a patients bed when talking about Vince and Ruth. Something about Tounge Depressors and the Depression and Suppression of the People and speech. Maybe use that when talking about doctors and they attempt to shut ManiX up and she can interact with the tongue depressor and the doctor.