About Me

I have been perplexed by dreams that vexed me throughout my life. I suffered post concussion syndrome at age 27 in 1996 which forced me to see things in double vision. I even dreamt of the double vision prior to the accident as I saw 4 overlapping moons splayed out in a dream before my head injury at work. This happened after years of not winning the lotto, I actually decided to tempt fate and work for the Lottery and I couldn’t play, best paying job ever, but 6 months in I was injured. They threw me to the side of the road and tricked me into signing a resignation, not hard to do to someone with a head injury. It was for the better that the doctors thought I was just fraudulent. Had they taken me serious they would have done surgery. All they could do is dope me up and drugs only mask the symptoms.

The path I was forced to endure was thrust upon me along with its strange side effects and quirky clairvoyance. During my worst years I would sleep 24/7 sometimes, the pain was so bad I hoped I wouldn’t wake up. Loud noises like music and even vacuuming would bring on flu like symptoms.

One day I met a woman who was an Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist, she took the time to notice I was squinting, she listened to my story and sent me to see a Rolfer who worked on me for years and saved my life. Got rid of my headaches after 50+ sessions. I also had a religious experience with Chiropractic at 120 days of 3 days a week adjustments. Our cells attempt to regenerate every 120 days if they can communicate and nerves are not subluxed. At 120 days of Chiropractic 3 times a week, I felt a cold coming on and suddenly an electrical vibration seemed to charge at a molecular level in my stomach and then radiated instantly to my chest and head and the cold was gone within 20 seconds. I haven’t really been sick in 20 years.

Later in life as I was feeling better and getting on top of my game, out of nowhere I was rear ended at a stand still by a car doing 50 mph and I was lucky to survive after breaking my back at L5 and severe neck whiplash. After 2 years of struggle, Rolfing again saves me.

I pay it forward as much as I can now and tell everyone about Rolfing and Chiropractic. I would not be here to reveal these mysteries had Donna Barrett Gilbert Mann not taken the time with me and became my friend and treated me as if I were family. She has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, so I hope this story and information inspires many people in her honor. She had worked on a set called “Miracle Worker” and perhaps she is working Miracles now with me.

I had to relearn how to play guitar again after my first accident and I felt dumb compared to how well I played prior, I didn’t remember any of the multitude of difficult songs I knew, it was like starting all over. So understand I was a really good guitarist prior to my accident, but I never could compose my own songs.

On December 12th 2019 during my search for the Forrest Fenn treasure, I have a dream of Paganini. I wake up and look at the clock exactly 9AM and I pick up my guitar and start playing melodies that enchanted me… I learn and practice them for 3 days straight. I bridge the parts very nicely during the next 3 months and add even better segments later in the summer of 2020. I wore out the strings and luckily I fixed up the old guitar recently before this dream happened.

Help me master this music!
Help me master this music!

I want to Master this composition and I only have a $60 guitar my Dad bought me when I was 16. I put good strings on it though. I hope to find someone to research the segments and make sure they are not duplicated by other composers by chance, and also fine tune the signature of every segment with someone better at guitar than I am.

Funny side note is that my Grandfather was a musician and when I was about 10 he tried to get me to play every instrument except guitar, but I didn’t like any of them. So he sat down at the piano and hoped I would just learn how to read music, but I asked why do we read music if we hear it. He then flipped through the book and pointed as he played the top lines and showed me various famous composers. He then turned to something I might start with and accidentally opened to Paganini. He said that is what difficult looks like, I said who is that? He said that is Page Nine skip that one, I said no that is written like Bach that was not the page number, he just smiled.

This miracle is the equivalence of finding the Forrest Fenn treasure to me and only second to the other miracle that happened after this coincidentally on 10/10/20 by finding Janes Blonde. I don’t think I was meant to find FF’s first treasure or the gold ball hunt either. I was going to make a Magic 8 Ball out of the Gold Ball as a momento for all to have. I planned on giving FF’s treasure away to all the other searchers had I found it anyways. Perhaps I was waiting to start looking for Forrest Fenn’s second treasure?

I also hope to create a Bond between all people so that we can Assure each other instead of Insure. Divide the costs between everyone no matter if at fault for an accident or if you have pre-existing conditions. I started to write a script that I posted a link below, which I hope someone can take and run with to make an animated or roto-scoped style short video to help people realize it is very easy to achieve this bond. The project is called ManifestX and will be a stable legal crypto that acts as a Receipt basically. Costs of goods are in US Dollars or Fiat of any kind, and Profit is Mani Crypto, pay sales tax in FIAT and now there is no income tax. There is Nothing but a Receipt showing a discount and all costs are write offs. Mani does not attack FIAT systems and never attacks other crypto staying at a 1 to 1 PEG for entry. Mani will not exponentially cause taxation upon derivative markets to Hyper-Inflate FIAT. Mani supports states and local governments to sustain the normal economy as if nothing changed other than Income Tax which is unconstitutional and not the way the founding fathers intended due to Rico laws and over reaching authority.

When someone pays for Assurance they will get a receipt in X that can only be sent from the fund wallet. This marks payment as a real dollar amount in satoshis. .00000001 is 1 Penny .00000010 is 10 cents .00100000 is $1000. Any money that is sent for Assurance can now be taken back as profit when selling Crypto up to the amount of X. This makes it so a Bank doesn’t need KYC/AML, due to the Input of Money paid to help Assure fellow humans, and there is no way to launder money by paying for Assurance. Also proves you are a good person by paying! This opens the floodgate for being paid back for helping to pay for Assurance as people who don’t have Mani can buy Mani at 1 to 1 BTC to gain the large amount of power at 1 Million per coin internal use.

Mani will be 1 Penny per satoshi along with X which is a way to mark input or manifest input, so 1 Million per Coin as a leverage internally and 1 to 1 BTC on the Input using a Smart Contract of 1 Million coin that when bought will fund green projects that regain lost energy due to Bitcoin mining. Ultimately people will pay the costs between themselves, so if 100 Million people incur 1 Billion in Assurance needs per month it is $10 per person.